Cycling 360 Patented Features

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What We Do

At Cycling 360, we’re committed to revolutionizing the cycling experience through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Our core innovations center around patented technologies that redefine how cyclists engage with their passion. Our ground breaking mapping system, boasting eight times the details of Google Street View, introduces a new era of high-fidelity navigation, enabling us to personalize ride categories and segments ratings to match your unique preferences.

Experience a tailored cycling journey with our global ride and event pairing, meticulously crafted to suit your individual preferences. Our personalized event recruitment ensures that every cycling event aligns seamlessly with your desired experience, creating the ultimate cycling adventure.

When life throws its challenges, our dynamic ride simulation steps in, offering a personalized and hyper-realistic experience of real-world rides and events. Tailored to you and your bike, our simulation proves the most authentic cycling experience available today.

Join us at Cycling 360, where innovation meets passion, and every ride is a personalized adventure.

Struggles of Cyclists & Events

Problem 1: Uncertainty in Enjoying the Ride or Event
Cyclists often face the challenge of uncertainty when choosing a ride or event. How can they be sure the experience will align with their preferences, skill level, and overall enjoyment? The lack of personalized information leaves cyclists in the dark about the potential enjoyment of a particular ride or event.

Solution: Personalized Ride and Event Matching
Our solution addresses this concern by introducing a sophisticated matching system. Cyclists can now confidently select rides and events tailored to their unique preferences, ensuring every cycling experience is enjoyable and aligned with their individual interests.

Problem 2: Event Recruitment of Compatible Cyclists
For event organizers, the struggle lies in recruiting cyclists who are not just participants but enthusiasts genuinely excited about the event. How do they attract participants who will fully engage and appreciate the event, creating a positive and memorable experience for everyone involved? Traditional recruitment methods often fall short in identifying the right participants.

Solution: Precision Event Recruitment
Our platform offers event organizers a game-changing solution. Through our patented precision event recruitment feature, organizers can attract cyclists who are more likely to resonate with the event’s spirit and offerings. By leveraging user profiles and preferences, events can curate a participant lineup that elevates the overall experience for both riders and organizers.

Cycling Catalog

Explore a vast collection of 2,314 miles of meticulously recorded ride data and video designed to cater to various preferences and cycling terrains.

In-Event Miles: 1,044
These routes capture the dynamic energy and challenges of organized events.

Non-Event Road & Gravel Miles: 584
Perfect for those seeking solitary rides or casual cycling, these miles offer a mix of picturesque landscapes and non-event terrains.

Non-Event MTB & Other Off-Road Miles: 686
Navigate challenging terrains, experience the thrill of rugged trails, and add an extra layer of excitement to your cycling journey.
Whether you prefer the camaraderie of events, the tranquility of road and gravel routes, or the adrenaline of off-road trails, our Cycling 360 catalog has something for everyone.